Shir Hasfari serves as the presenter of multiple municipalities and cities in Israel – Or Akiva, Givat Shmuel, Hadera, Givataim, Zfat, Acco, and more. Shir leads the image and promotional video, acting as a branding expert and an escort to Mayors. The City’s image and promotional video serves as its long-term I.D. Card. Each video is based on a thorough research along with a close examination of the City’s needs and long-term planning. The videos include multiple details – education, environment,  tourism, culture, quality of life, communal services, housing, transportation systems, commerce, industry, future planning, etc.

Who are the videos for?

  • The municipality’s Web site.
  • Distribution in social networks and newsletters to inhabitants as part of the municipality’s communication channel.
  • Distribution on CD’s and Disc-On-Keys
  • Screening in City events/Holidays/Community gatherings/Holidays
  • Twin-City events
  • Marketing and promotion needs of the City, conferences, exhibitions, election campaigns.
  • To attract developers/entrepreneurs/initiators of industry, commerce and housing.

Community Involvement

Shir donates 5% of each video income to welfare organizations acting in the City.