Shir produces unique image videos for Housing. The videos reveal all aspects and benefits of the project itself along with vast information about the neighborhood and the environment. Strong emphasis is given to specific characteristics of the area – education, commercial hubs, environment quality, transportation and investment potential. The carefully drafted script presents the entire housing project down to the minute details of each apartment and the technical layout. Special reference is made to the construction/developing company, including an interview with its representative. The photographs show the entire project within the environment, the lobby and the public areas and the apartments themselves.

Who are the videos for?

  • Potential residential buyers
  • Real estate investors from Israel and abroad
  • Construction and marketing companies and developers in all phases of promoting the project – pre-sale, advanced marketing, promoting of special flats – penthouses, premium apartments, etc.


Shir’s promotional videos for the marketing of commercial space and shopping malls set a new standard. Each video focuses on the unique characteristics of the project and its business potential to create a comprehensive and attractive image to promote the project. Emphasis is made on various layers of the environment, including detailed data on buying power in the vicinity, transportation and communication systems, local regulation and incentives, population, etc. to provide target audiences with a full presentation of the project’s business potential.

Who are the videos for?

  • Sales and marketing staff of the project who will be assisted by the vast and detailed data available in the video.
  • Potential clientele
  • Investors from Israel and abroad