For over a decade Shir Hasfari, a lawyer and an MBA, has been dedicating her career to a variety of strategic Real Estate issues – Advertising, Public Relations, Communications, Branding, Marketing and Sales.

Among her achievements:

  • One of the founders of “Bedek Bait”, a company that provides information and testing services to real estate buyers. In addition to developing the company’s unique product line and managing its sales and marketing teams, Shir also formulated a new concept of professional testing prior to real estate purchase in the Israeli market, achieving a 37% market share within only two years.
  • Marketing Manager of the Gindi Investment Group, an Israeli leading entrepreneur in real estate and housing. Among the project she oversaw – WHITE, The GIV’A Shopping Mall, Gindi City in Ramla, The Tel Aviv Wholesale Market.

Entrepreneurship, Content and Management of Real Estate Conferences

In recent years, Shir has joined the Israeli Construction Center Group in performing marketing content initiatives and has managed the entire communication and public relations operations of all companies in the Group. Among other responsibilities, Shir dealt in real estate entrepreneurship, creation of marketing content for various media, and above all – produced and managed large scale national real estate conferences, among them – “Israel’s Real Estate City 2013″.

Promotional Video and Marketing Content in the Center of Business

During her long and successful career in the real estate arena, Shir has accumulated vast experience as presenter and hostess in various media channels, which have led her to formulate a new innovative concept – “Shir Hasfari: Promotional Video and Marketing Content”, that encompasses three brands – “Shir in the City”, “”Shir at Home”, and “Shir and Real Estate”.

Sales Video at Eye Level

Shir’s promotional videos speak a new language, a language adapted to the challenges of today’s 2014 Real Estate market. The new approach that Shir has developed provides customers with a comprehensive experience that includes detailed information not only about the real estate project itself, but about its environment as well, detailing a LIVE presentation of people, spaces, public institutions, community services, transportation systems, shopping malls, schools, etc., in the proximity of the project.

Shir’s videos tell the story of the City, the housing project, the construction company, or the apartment itself, through a wide lens that brings to life the product and stimulates feelings and empathy with the viewer. Her promotional videos are built on professionally-sound scripts and the best photography technology has to offer. The videos are carefully packed in a marketing oriented image to meet the most stringent customer’s needs. Shir serves as the video presenter, voicing professionalism, reliability and accessibility to various audiences. The videos combine life style and fashion shooting, both in studio and outdoor scenes. Each video is based on thorough and professional research of customer needs and product’s characteristics, careful selection of locations, strict scripting and close management and control by Shir herself.

Shir’s Promotional Videos

  • Personal safeguarding by Shir during the entire process. Total availability and rapid service to meet the tightest dead-lines.
  • Using an HD camera that includes filters to suit TV and Internet screening (many customers use excerpts from Shir’s videos for public relations purposes).
  • A highly professional team, all TV News Channel veterans – script writing, directing, photographing, audio and lighting, music, styling, editing, narrating, and translation.
  • Project presentation that transmits a feeling of total reliability. The real story is unveiled  through real-life environment shooting and careful scripting. This is not an animated presentation!
  • Professional scripting by a team of real estate experts who speak the language.
  • Supporting and escorting the marketing/branding/promotion and video distribution phases to meet customers’ specific needs.
  • Professional presentation that transmits an aura of up-to-date real estate life-style fashion.
  • Combining existing and newly-developed animations, air photography, graphical designs and 3-D content.
  • Adapting music, handling copyright issues.
  • The videos have a long shelf life.  Commitments to adaptations and updates to meet customer’s long-term needs.
  • Translation and narration in all languages.